Welcome to nees@berkeley!

… the place to find out how buildings and bridges respond to earthquakes.

We are an equipment site of the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). Our specialty is modeling large-scale structural systems and experimental evaluation of their response to earthquakes. We continue the long Berkeley tradition of pioneering new experimental and numerical modeling and evaluation methods. At nees@berkeley, you can certainly do conventional tests using our configurable reaction wall facility and a versatile array of actuators. However, we are very proud to have developed new hybrid simulation methods that combine physical and analytical sub-structures into a hybrid model of the entire structure using our state-of-the-art digital controllers and networks, the OpenFresco interface framework, and the latest finite element models built using the OpenSees analysis framework. We invite you to test your new ideas at nees@berkeley.

Photo: nees@berkeley nees@berkeley is also a place of discovery. Here, you can see how earthquakes can affect structures. We have many videos of experimental testing on hand and several laboratory demonstrations ready to run for middle- and high-school students. We also run research experience sessions during the summer. Contact us to arrange your visit to nees@berkeley.


nees@berkeley Laboratory • UC Berkeley — Richmond Field Station • 1301 South 46th Street, Building 484 • Richmond, CA 94804 • nees@berkeley.edu