micro-nees Laboratory

Photo of MicroNEES lab The micro-nees Laboratory sits adjacent to the main test area of the nees@berkeley Laboratory. This area is serviced by a fork lift with no overhead crane. Its intended use is primarily for smaller independently-run experiments although setups can easily be integrated with the larger tests involving the NEESgrid.

The same instrumentation, data acquisition system, hydraulic power supply, accumulators and service manifolds used in the Reconfigurable Reaction Wall laboratory are available to the micro-nees Laboratory.

Additional service manifolds are also available for use with non-NEES controllers.


The current experimental setup in the micro-nees Laboratory uses two dynamic actuators manufactured by Sheffer.


Both NEES and non-NEES controllers are available for use in the micro-nees Laboratory.


Photo of shaker The micro-nees Laboratory has two uni-directional dynamic shakers. Both are Electro-SEIS Model 113 manufactured by Acoustic Power Systems, Inc (serial numbers are 048 and 250). The capacity limitations are as follows:

  • 133 N (30 lbs) force
  • 750 mm/sec (30 in/sec) velocity
  • 158 mm (6.25-in) peak-to-peak stroke

An experimental model can be attached to the shaker's platform, which is 250 mm by 250 mm (10 in by 10 in) and it has an array of threaded holes 50 mm (2 in) apart.


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