Laboratory Safety Procedures

Although the protocol of Hybrid Testing is still very much in the development stage, there are some basic rules that need to be followed to insure that mistakes due to miscommunication are not made.

Rule number one is that at all times one and only one person will be in charge of turning on the hydraulic pumps and of opening and closing valves to direct pressure from one area to another. That person will be a staff member and it is the responsibility of all participants to know who that person is. Others may be shown how to turn power off in the event of an emergency.

Rule number two is that only one person should be designated with the authority to turn power on to an actuator whether from in the operations room or from a remote pod. The idea is that there must always be a clear and predictable line of communication. It becomes the responsibility of that person to determine that all is clear to engage and that no one is at risk. That person will be a staff member or may be designated by a staff member.

Only persons with proper certification may operate cranes, fork lifts or man lifts.

All test plans must include a risk management plan to address the contingencies of specimen failures as this is often a dynamic event that cannot be stopped at will. Such contingencies must be reviewed prior to each test.

The laboratory safety procedures and training covered in the safety manual are designed to address all levels of participation by students, staff and researchers in the testing process. The subjects covered are intended to be comprehensive and specific to the tasks undertaken in a research laboratory.

Safety Manual
Emergency Response Plan
Illness and Injury Prevention Program
Illness and Injury Prevention Program Forms
Laboratory Access Policy (PDF)
Elective/Voluntary Waiver of Liability for Non-UC Personnel - Download PDF: English Spanish

Updated 10/17/2012.


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