RDV Instructions for NEES-1157 Test for Berkeley Specimen-02

Please use either the Real Time Data Viewer (RDV) or Telepresence instructions below to watch the live testing at the nees@berkeley Lab for Specimen 2 of the NEES Project "Collaborative Developments for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Braced Frames."

The test on February 10th will be the second experimental test done in the nees@berkeley lab for this study, exploring the adequacy of existing braced frames designed prior to the 1988 Uniform Building Code and their ability to resist seismic demands. The second test involves the repair of the first braced frame tested in October of 2013, replacing the damaged second story braces and gussets with the same sections and sizes, while adding net section reinforcement at all brace connections. The braces were then filled with low strength concrete to address the early fracture observed during the first test, while exploring unobserved avenues of damage that were outweighed by the braces’ early fracture.


  1. From the main NEES website, download the RDV tool. Look for the section heading "Binary Downloads".


    Unzip the package and review the short README file for how to run.

  2. Download the researcher's settings files to get graphs and charts setup in the RDV. On the link below, right-click to bring up the context menu and choose "Save link (target) as...".


  3. Run the RDV application. From the application menu, "File" --> "Load Setup" --> "Load Setup File" to get the file chooser dialog box. Then navigate to where you downloaded the NEES1157-B02.rdv file and select it.

  4. The RDV application should now connect to the server to get the data streams and display the data in many graphs and tables on several tabs (the "Default" tab on top is blank, please choose among the other tabs).

  5. Click the "View Live Data" button (has two arrows roughly forming a circle) to get the streaming to continue and watch experiment as the most recent data is captured and streamed.

Telepresence Cameras

For video feeds of the lab area with the specimen, visit


Cameras 1, 2 and 5 have good views of the specimen.

nees@berkeley Laboratory • UC Berkeley — Richmond Field Station • 1301 South 46th Street, Building 484 • Richmond, CA 94804 • nees@berkeley.edu