nees@berkeley research project test series starting on 6/4/2014

A series of tests, starting on 6/4/2014, will be conducted in the following three weeks for the NEES research project entitled Performance of Conventional and Innovative Special Structural Walls. These tests aim to investigate the effect of transverse reinforcement detailing on the seismic response of the boundary elements of reinforced concrete shear walls. Due to the expected high axial loads required to fail the specimens, the tests will be conducted using the 4 Million Pound Southwark-Emery Universal Testing Machine, a unique equipment of the nees@berkeley testing facility. In addition to the conventional instruments comprising position transducers, strain gages and load cells, Digital Image Correlation methods will be utilized in the tests to measure displacements and strain fields continuously along the plane of the specimens.

For more information about the project and the tests, contact the graduate student researcher Carlos Arteta (


4 Million Pound Universal Testing Machine


A boundary element specimen